Television producer, filmmaker, radio show host and author, Michael O’Neill, better known as “The Miracle Hunter,” is bringing his diverse talents exclusively to the EWTN Global Catholic Network.

O’Neill will explode on the scene with a special entitled “The Miracles of Padre Pio,” which premieres 10 p.m. ET, Wednesday, Sept. 23 following a special 8 p.m. ET “EWTN Live” interview with O’Neill; a new radio show, “The Miracle Hunter,” which premieres 7 p.m. ET, Saturday, Oct. 3 on the EWTN Global Catholic Radio Network; upcoming appearances on various EWTN television and radio shows, and a Dec. 12 television special entitled “The Miracles of Our Lady of Guadalupe.”

“EWTN viewers are familiar with Michael O’Neill’s work through his popular series, “They Might Be Saints,” which chronicles the extraordinary lives of Americans whose cause for canonization is underway,” said EWTN Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Michael P. Warsaw. “Under the EWTN umbrella, Michael will now be able to use all of his skills as a filmmaker, producer, radio host, and author. We look forward to sharing his great work with our global audience.”

O’Neill couldn’t be more excited. “The big news is that, as of October 3, I will be starting my first show on EWTN radio. That’s a big deal,” he said. “I will also continue to produce television and now write books for EWTN Publishing as well as articles for the National Catholic Register. It’s great to be all together in one place. I’m beyond excited, beyond thrilled to be part of the team.”

O’Neill has hinted at more episodes of “They Might Be Saints” in the next 12 to 16 months. These include Mother Marie Kaupas, Bishop Alphonse Gallegos, Mother Mary Angeline McCrory, Father Aloysius Schwartz, Montse Grases, and, of course, Father Michael McGivney. O’Neill says he will be filming McGivney’s October beatification, which will be a springboard for the special episode.

He is especially excited about a project that is an offshoot of “They Might Be Saints.” Viewers will remember the previously aired episode O’Neill filmed on Venerable Bishop Frederic Baraga, the “Snow Shoe Priest” from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. However, O’Neill says the story of the uncovering of the Baraga documents and the pushing for the cause of his canonization is of even more interest. “I have high hopes for this one!” he said.

John Elson, EWTN Director of Program Acquisition and Co-Production, who has been working with O’Neill on his upcoming series, says he knows that O’Neill will build on the success of his previous offerings. “Michael’s “They Might Be Saints” series has been very popular with viewers so we expect his upcoming work to be even better received as people become more familiar with his work,” Elson said.

O’Neill, a Stanford University-educated cradle Catholic who also hosts a popular website (, says he has found people love the combination of unknown stories of Americans on the path to sainthood and intercessory healing miracles.

“We all struggle with how to bring the faith to our family, friends, and coworkers – and these people [whose cause for canonization is being considered] have done it. When people watch this, they will feel energized to spread the faith, if they haven’t before.”

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