Holy week thoughts (4): Holy Thursday – about the Sixth Seal in the Apocalypse (part2 – English) Father Elias Leyds c.s.j. (1958-2024)

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Voice: Father Elias Leyds c.s.j. himself.


Who are the 12 witnesses of the cross, who as the 12 patriarchy’s and first fruits of our Lord’s sacrifice, shaped the beginning of the church? 

9 april 2020 – Pater Elias Leyds c.s.j. (1958-2024) ​​reflects in the holy week on the Apocalyps

“… The other 12 were received by Our Lady as offspring of the Heavenly Father and gendered through God’s word become flesh” …

1-2 The chief executioner and the condemned robber signify the perpetual struggle that now comes to an end, between order and chaos, between tyranny and rebellion, they converge as law and prophecy into one return to the father, whose truth makes us free.

3-5 Gad, Aser and Naphtali are sons of handmaids and their names indicate the three women present. Mary Magdalena and Mary of Cleophas standing at the foot of the cross, while Salami mother of John watches from afar. These three women… represent the dignity of womanhood in the church, the wisdom of being spouse, mother… and guardian’ of living tradition.

6 Manasseh is son of Joseph by an Egyptian mother, but he has been accepted into the patriarchy’s by Jacob his grandfather. Here Universal openness meets unique predilection.
Therefore the name Manasseh indicates the Beloved Disciple John. He is entrusted to our lady because both know the secrets of the Lord, that emanate from the Lord’s pierced heart and reach the ends of the world.

7-10 Simeon Levi Isachar and Zebulon… are the other four sons of Leah and their names indicate the four soldiers. They signify all souls committed to the common history of man, they have to gain, keep and defend order… in the realms that divine providence has entrusted to them. In their Dominion the church will arrive and preach the gospel.
Then they can change obedience, for beyond obeying commands of worldly masters,
they can obey the Word of God. Thus … they can step from divine providence, into the light of divine grace and cross human frontiers, not to conquer but to win souls for eternal life.

11-12 Joseph and Benjamin are the beloved sons for they were born to the beloved spouse Rachel, their names indicate Joseph and Nicodemus, who showed their allegiance to Jesus in hours of darkness. After the death of Jesus they arranged for his burial, before nightfall.


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