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Father Elias Leyds c.s.j. continues his English version of ‘FilioQue – the Catholic trademark’. It is a series programs treating subjects related to the dogma of the Filioque. It characterizes our Catholic faith and is crucial for understanding how and why the divine Logos, Word become flesh, as at the centre of Christian life in the world today. The goal is to reflect on our beloved Church and to develop a sharper vision on Christ’s truth. The war in the Ukraine makes these reflections particularly urgent.

What is the context of the intrinsic weakness of the Russian-Orthodox church, the church of Moscow, to fall victem to the esoteric powers? 

When trying to retrace the causes of why Russia is still dominated by the esoteric power of the ‘special’ services, one inevitably has has a look at Russian (in fact Moscovite) Orthodoxy. With its maniacal rejection of both the Filioque and human reason, it has become defenseless to the theft of the heart of its devotion: the icons, the holy images.

In Russia the ‘special’ services are rarely named openly. Mentioning them immediately raises fear. They are like a demonic imitation of the cult of icons: “without seeing, you are being seen…”

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