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Father Elias Leyds c.s.j. continues his English version of ‘FilioQue – the Catholic trademark’. It is a series programs treating subjects related to the dogma of the Filioque. It characterizes our Catholic faith and is crucial for understanding how and why the divine Logos, Word become flesh, as at the centre of Christian life in the world today. The goal is to reflect on our beloved Church and to develop a sharper vision on Christ’s truth. The war in the Ukraine makes these reflections particularly urgent.

For westerners it is difficult to grasp the meaning of esoteric power and the society it dominates, like the ‘special’ services and Russia. Westerners just can’t understand the monopoly of the ‘special’ services over reason.

Towards the west, this power is holding up a mirror. While before its own subjects it holds a demonic icon, for westerners this is like a mirror – a mirror accusing them. And often its accusations are correct. No doubt about it, no rebuttal possible.

Yet, the esoteric power never allows itself or its subjects to look into the mirror. It is horrified by self-criticism, which has always been the strength of the west.

If the west gives up self-criticism, it will loose its strength. Responsibility will no longer warrant the coherence of western societies, which will disintegrate.

But if the west returns to reason and does not flee from self-criticism, it will see that mirror is a distorting mirror, a funhouse mirror – and also, in our weird times, a madhouse mirror.

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