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Fatherhood is marked by moments of seeing and making a choice … 

Father Elias Leyds c.s.j. continues with his series ‘FilioQue – the Catholic trademark’. On the Col du Grand-St-Bernard, the montain pass high up in the mountains from Switzerland to Italy, guarded by monks, the Father contemplates the initiation into the spiritual life, the transition into a new life.   

How many of the tourists who come here, are preoccupied with the question of rediscovering the primal purpose and thus the final destination of our lives. The monks who live on the pass have long accompanied the traveller in his spiritual search. 

The search for spirituality, spiritual exercises, all have to do with giving meaning. Why are we here on earth? What is the point? etc etc  

Initiation is about entering a new phase of your life where you know better, or know better what you don’t know. Such a transition is always accompanied by trials, because you don’t get it for nothing, you have to do something for it, so that you are ‘worthy’ of the new knowledge. 

The transition often needs a master to guide you through it. And the skill of the master depends on the nature of the initiation. To pass from knowing to not knowing requires a different kind of mastery, a mastery in which knowledge of the initiation itself plays a major role. 

The training in sports, and especially in the more physical risky martial arts, carries a beautiful analogy of that initiation, with mysterious elements that can almost be called religious. Those trainers who are able to produce champions show a form of mastery whereby they pass on something that they themselves may not fully know. They nurture the will to sacrifice oneself for something greater than one has ever experienced, but they know it is there, and they know how to transmit the ambition to go for it. 

Dying is the ultimate initiation where Christ is the master. In the leading and dying of Christ, it has become clear that this too is an initiation of passing into another life. Christ brings us into contact with another world that nourishes that search for the primal purpose of our lives. That gives meaning   

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