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Fr Elias Leyds c.s.j. speaks this time about sin: what is ‘sin’?

The soul is mediator between two extremes: the material world, the earth, meaningless purposeless by itself, and the spiritual world. On the latter we rely for having reaons to hope.

Sin in fact signifies the sou’sl refusal to stand in the middle between heaven and earth as a mediator, agent to connect and associate the two. De soul falls victim to its own deceit, the vain idea that it can be first and last, amd ultimately save itself. As a consequence, man is enslaved my what does not matter and will never make him happy in a definitive way.

No surprise that the first counterfeit if the christian faith was gosticism, proposing an elitist semi-sacred knowledge by which man can save himself from matter and flesh, considered evil, and rise above death by his own means. Gnosticism proposes a kind of esoteric Logos, without principle and without incarnation.


The Christian faith, on the other hand, proposes the divine Logos (Word) become flesh, which if adhered to will prepare us just for knowing God, but seeing Him as He is, Face to Face, and being similar to Him.


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