Filioque English (38): the AntiChrist 1 (of 2) – Lucifer crashing

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March 2023 – Father Elias reflects on reality, the world as it is. He is worrying about the developments in the Catholic church, Catholic social media and the quality of discernment we encounter.

Talking about ‘the coming of the AntiChrist’what is hindering him? 

When we see Cambodja, Russia during Stalin, The Gulag, Auschwitz, the Russian invasion in Ukraine s.o. we can ask ourselves whether anything worse is needed?

Who is in charge of this world? Who are the Martyres.

Last but not least do we realize that Satan has gradually changed himself in something new. Where Satan ‘accuses and divides’, Lucifer ‘unites us in a supreme way’: he forgives without conversion, i.e. we are then living in a fake unity. 




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