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FilioQue English (54) the war for reality #11 – The final religious moment: how do I answer God truthfully? @PaterElias

How to verify the virtue of religion versus acts of the virtuenof faith

November, 7th 2023 – While the war for reality is raging around us, father Elias Leyds c.s.j. started more than a month ago in ‘FilioQue in English‘, a collection of short reflections on the topic of ‘the religious fight‘. Adoration is an important attitude of a religious person. in the previous episodes four religious moments have been distinguished related to that adoration. Now Father Elias is going to finish the five steps with his description of the final religious moment: I truthful answer to god.

We have already seen that the search for the source for goodbess is part of the virtue of religion ‘being lived’ and this is crucial for the religious life. 

The secret source of all goodness must be in God, although I don’t know God. But that secrecy still provokes our search for that source. And when we look for that source we might come close to the almighty. It will return a certain finality in our actions and sharpen our religious awareness, our religious sense.

We have to answer with a certain wisdom, by which we can testify that we understand this natural law of orginal goodness. Proofs of faithfullness in our marriage or e.g. in our military duty a.o. will therefor become religious moments and can reflect eternity, i.e. become milestones in our ‘fight for reality’.      


Father Elias is again and again using realism to help us understand why religion or being religious, one of the virtues of life, is what we need, to give meaning and to reach our goals, our purpose in life. So the question remains: what does it take to live the virtue of religion? Father Elias gave us a good direction in how to test or qualify our deeds of adoration.

There are five 5 ‘steps of verification’ to test and purify our religious life, in the moments of adoration. It gives us a guide towards a real authentic religious life

1. Movement – go to a special place, a sacred place specially prepared for the Lord

2. Adoration – really adore the One who is, and who always shall be

3. Offer a sacrifice

4. Mediation – Reflect on the good things received and / or the good people you have met, look for the source or the Beginning of Goodness to give you the insights, wisdom or experience which you want to transmit to others… The divine Goodness will lead you and sharpen your religious sense.

5. Decide on an action, how to respond to God to answer his call faithfully.  


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