VitaDonum (4) (English version) What is Human Dignity? An honest explanation out of the dementia practice by Dr.Adrian Treloar.

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EWTN presents in cooperation with the JP II Academy of Human life and the Family: ‘VitaDonum, Life is a gift’

VitaDonum: a program series on marriage and the family, fertility and the end of life.

This fourth item contains an interview between father Elias Leyds c.s.j. with Dr. Adrian Treloar from London.

He is a consultant in old age psychiatry, working in southeast london looking after people in particular with with dementia. He currently runs also a memory clinic, where he look at people and support people to find out and make a diagnosis of dementia and and help them come to terms with that. He is the author of several publications on dementia, depression and suicide and resides in South East London.

Dr.Adrian Treloar is also in the board of the John Paul II Academy of human life and the family. 

Important parts in the interview (Maart 2022)

03:59 How do you give hope to people who have realised they have got dementia?

06:40 How do you define human dignity? 

08:53 A society can be judged on its capacity to take care of the most vulnerable people

09:36 So the practical answer on what is human dignity … 

11:03 If you want to change someone’s life and you find somebody without food, only moldy food in the fridge, no heating and broken windows you know how you’re going to do that. You’re not going to do that with a tablet you’re going to do that with a clean fridge, clean food, warmth, clean clothes and mending the window ….

12:23 What would H.Mother Teresa do?  

12:58 Dr. Treloar, what does the soul, the immortal soul mean to you? 

14:12 Input from St.Thomas of Aquinas: the soul is more than just the mind …

14:58 About his brother with Down-Syndrome

16:27 What happened when his brother died? 

18:34 About his good friend Mark, who developed Parkinson, was half paralysed  by a stroke and still did not loose his sense of humor … 

21:43 About the changing role of a terminally ill man who went on a pilgrimage to Lourdes with them …

22:37 What can we learn from people who learnt to live through their suffering …

23:18 An inspiring example of a dying old lady, praying the rosary  and her son 10 years later …

24:37 So what is good care reflecting on the dignity of the human person …

26:54 H. Mother Teresa of Calcutta on the largest disease in the west

30:28 Closing remarks on the burden of suffering 

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