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Fatherhood is marked by moments of seeing and making a choice … 

Father Elias Leyds c.s.j. continues with his series ‘FilioQue – the Catholic trademark’. In this video, he revisits the role Jordan Person plays, with his many (millions) of followers. You hear a lot the question: “Where does he actually stand? He seems to go back and forth between faith and gnosis?

Jordan Peterson references Jung a lot in his works. The step to gnosticism is then close by. This raises the question whether he really gets beyond the gnosis? This is very interesting, especially because he comes from psychology to the conclusion of an almost inevitable natural religiosity in every human being that explains much of his search for meaning.

“Does he believe in God?” is oftenly asked. In several lectures, he seems to deny this, but in fact with large humility he answers the question with a new question “who am I to know God?”.    

It is good to realise that sometimes you stand on the threshold where questions of meaning can make all the difference:

What sacrifices are worth making?

What is ‘being’, what does Good mean when he says: “I am the being”? (Metaphysics) 

What are absolute truths, immutably timeless, that the human mind can match? 

Where does Jordan Peterson stand? What is that threshold in our lives which concerns religiosity and which defines our religious attitude both intellectually and morally?


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