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Fatherhood is marked by moments of seeing and making a choice … 

Father Elias Leyds c.s.j. continues with his series ‘FilioQue – the Catholic trademark’. In this video, he comes back to the original meaning of the dogma of the filioque, and why is his view it’s so important that ha calls hir personal blog FilioQue – the Catholic trademark. 

The big challenge of the life of faith, all preparing for the seeing of God and the final judgement is given by the category(ies) of life you have chosen. Three ‘types’ can be distinquished in the life of faith: Contemplative life, a social life of being charitable or the choice of personal reponsibility.    

Remember what was said in the previous edition of Filioque English (23). It is good to realise that sometimes you stand on the threshold where questions of meaning can make all the difference:

What sacrifices are worth making?

What is ‘being’, what does Good mean when he says: “I am the being”? (Metaphysics) 

What are absolute truths, immutably timeless, that the human mind can match? 

With respect to being charitable remember Discover the other before giving. One way charity is humiliating, pretentious or an act of vanity. An exchange of gratuity is expected. 


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