FilioQue English (36): a minor contribution to the synodal path @PaterElias


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Father Elias’ minor contribution to the synodal path

Despite having no formal obligation to take part in it, Father Elias Leyds c.s.j. is pleased to present here his minor contribution to the synodal path.

“Do you wanted to be hated because you tell the truth, or do you want to be despised because you don’t tell the truth”

“Being a witness is no rocket-science”

“By our faith, our life becomes more simple”

“The faith needs to be transmitted with clarity, humility and courage.”

“The biggest threat to anybody, whose duty is to represent Christ in this world, is vanity”

Keywords: Contemplation | Contempt | Faithful to your choice | Fr.Elias Leyds c.s.j. | FilioQue 36 English | Humility | Listening and watching | Political propaganda | Stick to principles | Synodal path |  

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