FilioQue English (44) the war for reality #1 – “It’s time to go over the top!” @PaterElias

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August, 19th 2023 – Father Elias Leyds C.S.J. started in FilioQue in English another collection of short vlogs on fighting for reality, or ‘the war for reality’, in which he helps us to distinguish the examples of collective absurdity in our current reality we live in and what to do with it, with realism. The central question is: What does it take to live the virtue of religion again?

To set the scene, below there are some links which show collective manifestations, of an almost religious nature. Here we can interrogate: what do they mean, or is it a sign of meaninglessness? What is their purpose? Do they reflect some kind of virtual reality, or do they deal with actual reality? Do they represent a purpose that is mindfully chosen by free people, or just a collective delusional absurdity?

Do we choose reality for what it is: the only place where we can give meaning to our lives? Where does human dignity comes into play? 

Are we ready to liberate ourselves from the slavedom of delusional virtual reality, and fight our way back to reality, where real challenges await us?

In Dutch, but the images speak for themselves – Catholic churh of Antwerp (Flaunders, Belgium) that actively joined the 2023 Pride Parade.  







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