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August, 26th 2023 – Father Elias Leyds C.S.J. started a week ago in FilioQue in English another collection of short vlogs on fighting for reality, or ‘the war for reality’. He uses again realism and helps us to understand why religion or being religious, one of the virtues of life is what we need, to give meaning to reality and to reach our goals, our purpose in life. So the question remains: what does it take to live the virtue of religion again?

What does it mean when Father Elias says: “the virtue of religion is part of justice”? Note: the virtue of justice is part of a moral obligation to another person. And justice is the virtue that facilitates my freedom. 

We can discover the existence of God. The existence of god imposes himself on my soul and I can vaguely figure out what is his will. 

To recognize the existence of God is not a matter of choice but part of an obligation, which requires an answer: a cal of duty.

Are we ready to liberate ourselves from the slavedom of delusional virtual reality, and fight our way back to reality, where real challenges await us? The act of adoration is an obligation, which is the key to return to reality. 

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