Thoughts (6) – Silent Saturday, day of eternal simplicity – final reflection of the Holy week


April 11th 2020 – Father Elias Leyds C.S.J. reflects in the holy week on the Apocalypse and the letters of St.John. 

Silent saturday is a special day. There is no real present. There is only a past and there is the future.  The future of hope, the future of the resurrection. so what do we do today? The eternal word of God is hidden. Hidden in this world, it is in the grave. 

The word is not speaking but it still tells us something. It does not live in this world anymore. But still he is present. Ge is somehow hidden, in eternal glory.  

So how do we use this day? Do we clean up the church, som some repairs or what? 

Simplicity beyond all simplicities, that is Eternity

Eternity can unite the past and the future. St John 1, 3 vers 3, we shall be similar like him because we see him as he is.  

Today we can invite eternity to be our future.  

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