Holy week thoughts (3) Wednesday: why the difference between ‘light’ and ‘darkness’ is not the same as the difference between ‘Good’ and ‘Evil’? (English)

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Voice: Father Elias Leyds c.s.j. himself.

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April 8th 2020 –  Father Elias Leyds C.S.J. reflects in the holy week on the gospel of St.John and wants to reflect on a simple aspect of our life. Do differences exist and why is that important?   

We live in the system of the divine logos, which is not the same as the asian, eastern or chinese system of Yin and yang. Everything in the the east belongs together, are at the same side, within the same system. Good and bad, light and darkness.

In the divine logos you a have a relationship with the (divine) reality. It is a mindset which connects us to reality. There is however a big difference between differences. A man is different from a woman. Good is different from bad. Black is different from white. similarly Good and evil. But because we are complex beings we can know both Good and evil. This struggle is shown in the Gospel of St.John.  

The difference between light and darkness is not the same as the difference between Good and evil. Darkness has no power over lightness. There is no real struggle between light and darkness. Light will always win over darkness.

Human beings however do struggle. We have help of our consciousness and we have our mind. The mind wants to figure out whether we have to do with good or bad, good or evil, and whether there is a way to deal with both qualifications at the same time.  

That is sin: to want to know good and evil in one life.  Our conscious however cannot not deal with both. It knows that evil leads to darkness, therefor it always chooses for the Good. 

So what Christ will do for us in the coming days, we will celebrate what he is doing for us.  He is revealing that he is the Light, and he is also the source of Grace. So he gives us the strength, through grace, to be fair with respect to our consciousness, to see that we are sinners, and then he gives us the strength to battle evil in our lives. 

His body can be destroyed, but his strength and grace remains. He is that light through which we can combat evil in the world. 

The Light has no serious competitor. Darkness can never be a threat to the light. But what can be a threat to us, is our inclination to sin, our pride with respect to God, our refusal of the truth, our refusal of reality, our refusal to listen to our consciousness. That is real threat.

Because in our heart we know that sin leads to the destruction of others but in the end to the destruction of ourselves.

This we know since the resurrection of Christ. Sin does not need punishment anymore, it self is the punishment. That light is shed by God in our life. The light of the World, cannot be extinguished. And therefor with Christ we can let good be fruitful and combat evil.

Christ has resurrected and we are still mortal. Jesus wants to let Good be fruitful in our life. His eternal glory that existed before the creation of the world, that is wat he wants to share with us. 

Therefor we received in our life a Light that is incorruptable. We can be witnesses of the fruitfulness of God in our life, through our own selfgiving.


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