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Father Elias Leyds c.s.j. continues his English version of ‘FilioQue – the Catholic trademark’, using his methodology of following the anger. In a reaction to some comments he received on his last reflection, he deepens his reflection on the Russian anger. The war in the Ukraine makes these reflections particularly urgent.

Faith can be lost but some kind of transformed hope will remain, as a driver for human action. Jewish and christian hope are different, and so are their respective transformations after the loss of faith.

Thus, it is not surprising that, without faith, the jewish hope for a messiah and for the restoration of the kingdom can change into utopian ‘comunist’ mirages. On the other hand, christian constancy based on faith in the sacrements may be transformed, when faith is lost, into all kinds of ‘consumerism’ and into ‘fascist’ nostalgia for the past. Moreover, as the return of Jesus Christ, King & Judge, is no longer awaited, man may take justice and revenge into his own hands.

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