FilioQue English (20) – Rescuing the father in the abyss by Jordan Peterson – what does this mean for fatherhood??

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Rescuing the father? Isn’t it usually the other way round: the father saves the child? How about that?

Father Elias Leyds c.s.j. continues his series ‘FilioQue – the Catholic trademark’.

In this video and the previous one Father Elias responds to a reflection by Jordan Peterson on finding a transcendent source in the willing confrontation with the abyss, a very valuable addition for the Church, which today often painfully fails to formulate the boundary experiences and questions to which Christ’s revelation and theology provide the ultimate answer.

Jordan Peterson not only talks about the deeply religious aspect of ‘seeing the father in the abyss’ but also about ‘rescuing the father’? What does he mean by this? (to see again the video see FilioQue English (19).

We are able to transcend our virtues, ‘transcend the metaphysics of our lives’, when, at the limits of our moral life, we manage to place our ‘suffering’ in God’s glory and thereby become capable of things that we did not think we had?

What does the fatherhood look like, that we do not see, but is present.

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson is able, regardless of faiths, inspired by the Jungian psychoanalytic direction in his field of clinical psychology, among others, to give words to experiences, essences and challenges, which our search for truth, our religious sense, encounters…


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