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In the mountains above Aoste (Italy) Father Elias Leyds c.s.j. continues his reflections on the implications of great loneliness, being down in the Abyss.

August 2022 – Father Elias Leyds c.s.j., overlooking Mont-Blanc, in his series ‘FilioQue – the Catholic trademark’, goes on about solitude, the experience of the abyss, utter darkness, and arrives at why the soul is so important.

From the darkness, the soul as a connector between heaven and earth, the intermediary between extremes. Father Elias c.s.j. describes how the experience of the infinite abyss, the great loneliness can also be a passage of fruitfulness and lead to the discovery of the soul, as the source and core of our lives.

It is elusive to modern science and yet real. In that sense darkness can be seen as an experience of the soul between two extremes.

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