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July, 27th 2023 – Father Elias Leyds c.s.j. started a new chapter of short reflections on the world we are living in, both outside and inside the church. You need to have courage to be salt and light in this world. Isn’t it much easier to be friends with everybody in the spirit of brotherhood? The central vaticanum II theme of ‘Aggiornamento’, in the way the church interacts with the outside world, seems to be exchanged for ‘Appeasement‘. “Do not feed the Crocodile”, Churchill once said.   He said he would talk about three items: (1) Marriage the family and fertility, (2) Religious freedom and (3) Relationship with (the patriarchate of) Moscow.

What are the threats to mankind if the church accepts an appeasement with the modernities of contemporary life?       

In this session he asks the question what makes a marriage a Marriage before God? His exploration of this matter starts with friendship. How does a marriage distinguishes itself from a normal friendship? What is the purpose of marriage? Father Elias explains the role of Priest when a couple ask him to prepare them for marriage. 

Human incompleteness is fact of life: we need other people to complete us. Every friendship needs a purpose. We need a overriding purpose to complete our frienships.

We cannot be ‘Green’ or Ecological if we deny natural law, the wisdom of nature, of being a man or a woman. A man is a man because a child needs a father. A woman is a woman because a child needs a mother. 

How is a vulnerable child a gift from God, instead of a product or a technical achievement?  

What are we going to do with 100 million men in China, India and Pakistan that are a surplus in the balance between men and women as a result of abortion, population control and the sexual revolution? This is a real question as a consequence of the attack on human fertility unprecented in human history.  


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