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Thoughts (1): monday of the holy week, our Lady & the Eucharist (Apocalypse)

April 3rd  2020 – Father Elias Leyds C.S.J. reflects in the holy week on the Apocalypse

The mystery of god’s Gift, the unity of the Mother and her son. The singular medium of the holy Spirit. 

What secret does the son of men reveal by dying? What truth of devine wisdom does he enthrust to us, as he has returned to God his Father, and leaves us only with the silence of death speaking to us? What revelation are we to see in an unreal corpse, that is transparency to a light that we cannot see? 

Who is our lady and what has she perceived in the immaculate light of her faith? She has seen how Jezus her son has destroyed, the ugliness of death, by dying on the cross before her eyes?      

The truth above all science, men can understand?

God is Gift.

The Holy Eucharist gives us the end of all things: the eternal immaculate conception of God’s word, united to its perfect likeness in creation our lady, the immaculate conception.


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